Download Hikar 0.1.2 APK Free Latest Version

Download Hikar 0.1.2 APK Free Latest Version

Description of Hikar

Hikar is an augmented reality app for Android (4.1+) which overlays footpaths from OpenStreetMap on the device’s camera feed.Its aim is to help navigation for walkers/hikers (hence the name) and other outdoor users. For example, imagine you are entering a large field and it’s not clear where the exit is. Hikar will overlay the course of the footpath on your phone’s camera feed allowing you to navigate across the field. Or, you’re at a junction of paths and it’s not clear which is the correct way. Again, Hikar will indicate which path is correct by overlaying the course of the path on the camera feed. Or, you’re having to make your way across a pathless moor. Again, Hikar will show you the way.

It is open source (GPL) and available on GitHub at Note that Hikar is a research project and in early stages of development; therefore while perfectly usable for navigation it is not a ‘polished’ app with a really nice UI and, like many AR apps, can use a lot of battery power. Also note that by default, footpath data is only available for England and Wales, though see the notes available at on setting up your own server to provide data for other parts of the world.

Hikar has two modes, UK and International (which also works in the UK). The former uses OSGB projection and Ordnance Survey height data by default; the latter uses Spherical Mercator and NASA SRTM height data.

Development on Hikar is continuing, with virtual signposts the next feature, so please watch the GitHub repository for updates!
Fixed issue with incorrect elevation in UK mode, due to problem in third-party library.
All screens, including initial mode-selection screen, in landscape orientation.
Units shown for elevation and field of view.

App Information of Hikar

App Name Hikar
Package Name freemap.hikar
Version 0.1.2
Rating 0
Size 2.0 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2018-04-24
Installs 5+

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